5 Keys to Enhancing User Retention on Your Website

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Ecommerce continues to boom. By 2022 the industry is predicted to earn $6 trillion. Retaining visitors to your website has never been more critical to your business’s success. Here are five key areas to increase your chances of retention.

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You need to know your target group. If you’re addressing all sorts of customers, you are not addressing anyone. Key is finding something that people are interested in and positioning your brand around it. 79% of people will try another website if they don’t find what they’re looking for on yours. Your entire website from word to picture should be customized to attract and retain a clearly defined group of people.

Also, choosing a perfect WordPress theme is essential to increase user retention and engagements.

Website Design

The design and aesthetic must be appealing. People enjoy smart and clear pages, intuitive navigation, interaction. Humans are visual creatures. Carefully placed and chosen pictures can make you stand out. Why use 2000 words or more when a simple infographic can suffice?

Additionally, offer a consistent experience across both mobile and desktop devices. It’s essential that the site is easy to read and navigate. Pay attention to the color you use. An established color can increase brand recognition by 80%. This directly links to consumer confidence.

Put Your Customer First

Ask satisfied customers to write small reviews or testimonials for your website. Just don’t ask too often. Your website should primarily be about the customer, not your company. Remember to keep your website up to date.

Everyone loves freebies from chocolate to face creme, special offers, and discounts. Providing samples can reduce the anxiety for consumers when buying products online. Full refunds and free return shipping are services that can increase brand loyalty.

Improve Loading Speed

If you can’t display your content quick enough, you’re in trouble. Make sure to check your site for files that need compressed. Too much content will weigh your website down, so enable file compression. You might also need to reduce HTTP requests and simplify the code.

Update your hardware and software to guarantee a smooth and speedy operation. Take time to consider signing up to a web host. The current top 3 fastest web hosts are SiteGround, Hostinger and A2 Hosting. Packages start from as little as $6.

Cloudways offer super-fast hosting experience. Many bloggers choose Cloudways as their choice for WordPress hosting.

Partner Up with Google

A dynamic and beautiful website is useless if you can’t find it. If your content is poor and customers don’t stay for long, Google takes note. Your website will fall back in relevance. Thus, ensuring quality, targeted content is crucial.

Google ads can also help grow your business. It’s easy to use and combines well with its analytics package. The latter allows you see how visitors are interacting with your website.


Maintaining a high retention rate is a challenge. The tips outlined above should improve your digital strategy. As a final tip, it’s insightful to explore your website as a potential customer. What are the issues? What are the opportunities? Increase that user experience, increase those retention rates.

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